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Wedding Album Design Service

Designing your albums can be a very enjoyable part of the creative process as it completes the circle – and you as the photographer arguably are best placed to know the narrative of the day. However, as each album can take many hours to create, we have a professional design service using our in-house team with over 37-year’s experience in design, professional photography and consumer publishing.

How it works...

We ask you to upload up to 150 images into your designated folder, then create a further folder inside titled 'Essential', which will contain copies of your 50 favourite images. Each file will be chronologically numbered from 1 to the end and with the couple’s surname. If you’re having a Photo Cover album you’ll need to supply a specific cover image – the same for cut-outs and cameos. We will create a design and proof it back to you, with a second opportunity to proof the album design included in the fee. If you require a third proof, it will cost an additional £10 each time.

File Management

Our Customer Service team will create you a dedicated FTP folder on OVI’s servers where your image folders can be saved to. Once created, you’ll get an email from us giving you instructions on how to drag-and-drop your full res JPEG files.

To chat more about our album design service, or to set up your FTP folder, please call Customer Care on 02476 440404. You can contact the design team here.

10-20 spreads (20-40 sides) album£50
21-25 spreads (42-50 sides) album£75
26-30 spreads (52-60 sides) album£90
Minimum number of images50
Maximum number of images100
Additional Proof£10 each