The Societies 20x16" Print Competition

Please fill in your details below. You may submit 5 prints together, you will then have the option to submit more if you like. For more information about the competition, please click here.

By completing the details below, we will create the application form(s) for you and attach to the back of your entry print(s) in compliance with the SWPP rules.

Please ensure all of your images are sized to 20x16" @300dpi.
If your images require borders, they must be included in the files when submitted.

Exclusive 20x16" Print Offer

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Non SWPP members will be subject to an extra £5 charge

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Prints flush mounted on card
  Lustre/Gloss Metallic Fine Art
Standard (Order by noon on 21st Feb) £12 £16 £20
Additional Overmount Options

A 2" overmount around your image, making the image size 16x12" to keep an overall size of 20x16".

  White Black with Black Core
Overmount (Order by noon on 21st Feb) £8 £10
Something different?

We know how creative photographers are and whilst most choose to demonstrate their flair through their photography, some of you wish to extend this creativity to the way their prints are finished off. We have a wealth of options for you to explore. If you would like something bespoke then please contact us.

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Terms and conditions

I hereby accept The Societies 20x16 Print Awards rules and certify the photographs submitted have been taken by myself within the 24 months prior to the closing date and that all aspects of the preparation of these photographs has been carried out by myself or under my direction. I accept all responsibility for model releases that may be required in respect of subject/s appearing in the photographs submitted and where necessary, I have been granted permission by the client for whom the photographs were made and/or the copyright owners for the photograph/s to be entered, judged, displayed and published through The Societies 20x16 Print Awards system. I hereby state that none of my entries have been made at seminars of models under another photographer’s tutelage, and that any wedding photograph supplied was from a real wedding where I was the hired principle professional photographer. I am aware that if this certification is proven to be false or if I breach any rule that my entry will be disqualified. I accept any legal consequences relating to the work submitted and any awards won will be reclaimed by The Societies 20x16 Print Awards. In consideration of the acceptance of my photographs I agree to indemnify The Societies in relation to any claim, allegation or action arising from the acceptance and display of my photographs

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