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School and Nursery Printing Service

One Vision has grown to be a major force in the Schools & Nursery photo processing market. Offering fresh & innovative products; we are enabling maximum sales offerings with minimum effort.

Example Schools Products

By using One Vision Imaging’s Schools processing service, you are joining many profitable, professional photographers. We administrate and process the proof cards and packs which allows you, the Photographer, to concentrate on taking the images and looking after your customers. Let One Vision show you what works for many other Schools & Nursery Photographers by choosing one of our tried and tested proof card systems.

Choose from either a standard or advanced account, both are free to set up, below is a comparison table.

Account Comparison:



No setup fee and no monthly or annual costs

FREE Personalised Proof Card Set up on all standard proof cards

Pre-printed, Professional Sales Envelopes

Access to online admin system to manage your orders, view sales stats and reports

12 Month Image Store

Unique ‘Print Only’ Eco Portrait Pack Options

Fully Colour Corrected Images at Proof Card Stage

Ability to sell Photo Gifts & Novelties

3-Day Proof Card Delivery and 7-Day Pack Delivery*

Large Choice of Pack Options including Framed and Gift products

Track progress of orders online

Sell through state-of-the-art online shop

Direct shipping to your customers

Create and manage offers and discount campaigns

When do charges apply?

When purchasing proof cards and Envelopes

Traditional Pack Sales (i.e. hard copy orders from proof cards)

Online order sales (i.e. cost of product) plus a 6% fee of your chosen selling price, minus postage.

 * Some products, e.g. Framed Prints, may take longer.

As well as the above, there is a choice of other sales oportunities such as, Dual Mount products and Sports & Dance specific pack options.


Login to see a table of our standard proof card and pack pricing for some of the most common products.

Getting Started

Stack of Schools Proof Cards

To get started, choose from our range of proof cards, you'll need a ‘Simply Schools’ proof card for a standard account, or choose a ‘Pics4Schools’ proof card for an advanced account.

See Proof Cards

Alternatively, Contact our skilled Schools Team who will be happy to deal with any query you may have.

Advanced Users - Online Shop

Going online offers your clients two routes for ordering; Via the proof card and/or through our dedicated consumer website.

Online Schools Proofing System Screen Shot

What does the online shop offer?

  • No setup fee and no monthly or annual costs
  • Secure
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy and fast ordering
  • Customization
  • Wide range of products to sell
  • Set your own prices
  • Setup offers and discounts
  • Option of direct shipping or collect from School
  • Order via proof card and online or just online

Our online schools system initially directs each client to high-value products, such as Framed Prints, putting you in the best position to maximize your sales.

The next time you are asked ‘Do you offer an online ordering system?’ you can say ‘Yes!’ knowing your solution is the best of both worlds.

Getting started with selling online

The first step in getting set up with our online shop is to select a proof card, once you have found a proof card you like, select ‘Setup Now’ underneath it.

See Proof Cards

As soon as your proof card is designed we will email it to you for approval, after which, we will setup your account. We will then contact you to arrange a suitable time to guide you through managing your Bookings, products and prices. Setup may take up to 5 working days after proof card approval.

Already got a Schools account with us? Login to your p4sadmin account.