Wall Display Products

Whilst traditional framing remains extremely popular, photographers and consumers are hungrier than ever to see something different and unique hung on their walls. Home décor has exploded in popularity over the last decade and our comprehensive range of Wall Display products has enabled photographers to deliver exciting and unique products from their photography. Whether it’s the dining room, lounge, bedroom, or office walls we’ve a product to suit every environment. Look below and consider how your images will look within one of these innovative products.

Framing Services

Framing your images well can really transform your photography. By selecting the correct frame style, finish and colour and then enhancing the appearance further by adding a single, double or even triple mount, all of which come in a variety of colours and textures enables you to create incredibly personal and bespoke frames to hang on your wall. There are very few walls in our homes or in the commercial world that don’t have frames on. It’s an opportunity therefore for you to ensure it’s your imaged that take pride of place.

Halo Dibond Panels

Our most cost-effective, metal based, product, we’re confident that our Dibond Halo is set to make circular based products become part of a portrait photographers staple diet. Using true photographic paper and an anti-scratch seal, we bond your image to a sleek aluminium panel with a striking black core. A simple hanging kit enables easy fitting. The result is a cool, slim, and contemporary finish.

Halo Framed Prints

Want the circular look but with regular framing? Look no further than our Halo Framed Prints. Available in a choice of stunning mouldings and premium textured double mounts. Circular mounts fuse contemporary and traditional together in perfect harmony.

Renaissance Fine Art Framing

Taking Fine Art (Giclée) printing to the next level, our Renaissance service is as unique as your photography. Whilst Fine Art printing has become part of a staple diet for professional photographers, it's also been a headache in handling and displaying the beautifully printed image such is the delicate nature of these papers. Many opt for glazing for protection but even using the highest quality UV and anti-reflective glass available, it remains a barrier to enjoying the textured appeal of the paper itself. Our Renaissance finishing service alleviates the need to glaze as we expertly hand brush your fine art print with the finest varnish, thus not only protecting your inks but maintaining the texture we select Fine Art for in the first place. Beyond this service you are free to select any frame you desire across our entire range.

Box Frames

Simple yet elegant best describes the ever-popular Box Frame. It has become an alternative to the Canvas Wrap where the customer likes the ‘off the wall’ look but prefers to keep all the image tucked neatly into the frame moulding. There are five natural frame mouldings to choose from, Dark Brown, Black, Whitewash, Bare Ash Wood, and Pine. Due to its simplicity, our Box Frame will suit the walls of a modern, white washed pad overlooking the Thames just as well as a classic Victorian town house.

Coloured Edged Blocks

This simple yet effective wall display product is created by first printing a high-quality photograph. The print is then flush mounted onto a thick MDF block, and an anti-scratch print seal is applied to its surface. The edges of the MDF are then coloured using state of the art equipment which produces a unique sharp, modern edged look, up to 30x20", on larger sizes the edges are hand painted. Its simplicity means it’s one of our most cost-effective products and going large really is an option. Perfect for art galleries and exhibitions.

Framed Coloured Edged Block

Just by framing our Coloured Edged Print Blocks has given this product a whole new lease of life. The print is flush mounted onto a thick MDF block, and an anti-scratch print seal is applied to its surface. The edges are then coloured using state of the art equipment which produces a unique sharp, modern look. The block is then framed in a stunning inlay moulding. Now this product looks as good at home as it does in the office.

Textured Wrap

This modernised and stylish, Textured Wrap is the perfect way to display your images. Your image is printed as a professional quality photograph on Fuji DPII silver halide paper before applying a subtle textured seal to the surface. The print is then wrapped over a rigid 2" block to produce a three-dimensional finish with the option of fully wrapping your image or selecting black or white edges. Perfect for high traffic areas, exhibitions, or Cruise Ships as it will withstand the rigours of all cleaning products repeatedly. If it’s a gallery style wrap, you’re looking for this is the one for you.

Framed Textured Wrap

Known as a Gallery Wrap to some, our Textured Wrap has been one of our best-ever selling products. By adding a deep-set frame to it, we’ve created a whole new set of customers loving the appearance but needing a frame to ensure maximum versatility to the audience. We’re now seeing a resurgence in sales from social photography studios.

Textured Wrap Round

Our Textured Wrap Round offers an alternate look to the deeper wraps which, when finished, creates a contemporary flush finish to your image...

The Textured Wrap Round is a neater wrap, offering a more contemporary, yet less intrusive finish. We print and over enlarge your image before applying a subtle textured seal to the surface, we then wrap your print over a solid 18mm deep block, which can sit tight against the wall.

Framed Textured Wrap Round

Adding a new dimension to our Textured Wrap Round, The Framed version is a neat wrap placed within an inlay frame. This extra dimension adds a sense of value and quality whilst making it far more versatile towards people’s tastes. If you consider traditional wraps old-fashioned, this may well change your mind.

Inkjet Canvas Wrap

The Inkjet Canvas Wrap is a budget wrap created using a state-of-the-art Large Format Inkjet Printer, we print directly onto artists canvas and then wrap the canvas around stretcher bars. This is pretty much what you can see on most High Streets and often in Home Décor based retailers.

Multi Panel Wall Art

Whilst Multi Panel Wall Art is nothing new, there’s almost nothing available that you could consider a professional product. That is until now.

Our Multi Panel Wall Art is available in three carefully selected layouts.

Each panel is printed on true photographic paper, an anti-scratch seal is applied before being wrapped around a solid block. Each section is split to perfection. This clever calculation is all handled for you via our intuitive website, so no work is required from you. A split batten hanging system is then applied giving an ‘off the wall look’, a delicate drop shadow and nobody any the wiser as to how it’s hung.

Perfect for any feature wall in both domestic and commercial properties. Drop your image into the builder on our website just to see how it will look. It’s exciting just looking!

Mosaic Box Frame

Perfect for family photo shots or portraits of the pets, our Mosaic Box Frames are as unique as your photography. By interconnecting a collection of smaller Box Frames we’ve created another unique and interesting product. Your images are printed onto true photographic paper and then mounted onto MDF. An anti-scratch print seal is then applied before setting within the frames. We then seamlessly connect the boxes creating a mosaic effect.

Multi Box Frame

Simple, elegant, and extremely versatile, box framed photos are a popular choice. These miniature versions of Box Frames are interconnected in pairs, triples and quad formats making them ideal for those parts of the house that are too small for standard sized frames but big enough to do something with. Spaces such as the space often between a window and a door or maybe between two windows.

We print your images on Fuji DPII silver halide professional photographic paper, then bond them onto MDF back boards before an anti-scratch print seals are applied. The prints are then framed and joined into multiple box frames.

Acrylic Box Frames

Looking to display your pictures with real punch yet in a traditional manor? Our much, loved Acrylic Box Frames deliver the brief perfectly. Once printed we reverse mount the FUJI DP11 paper to acrylic and place at the front of a 53mm deep wooden frame. This super gloss display within the frame is incredibly eye catching and almost appears 3D. It’s the ideal presentation for modern environments or areas requiring a statement piece hanging on the wall.

Desktop Box Frames

The smallest of our Box Frame range but none the less often the most sentimental. These are simply small, singular versions of our Box Frames and are perfect for your office desk or the Grandparents mantelpiece or windowsill.

There’s no shortage on quality either as every process is the same. As the frame is so wide, they simply stand proud on their own.

Mosaic Bevel Print Blocks

Family portraiture, wedding collections or pet images are the most popular images used in creating these Mosaic Bevel Print Blocks. Your images are printed photographically, sealed, and set onto 18mm Bevelled Edged MDF panels of various sizes before attaching to one another via a back plate to create a conjoined effect. Available in four mosaic style templates as well as three edge colours; Black, White, and Mahogany.

Trinity Solo Framed Print

Unique to One Vision Imaging this incredibly beautiful product oozes sophistication. The complex layers, drop shadows and floating appearance of the final print is a masterpiece in its own right, even before we add your picture. This is a product destined for your portraiture work and will compliment any wall in the most luxurious of properties.


Complex layers, drop shadows and three apertures laid within a beautiful frame surrounded by two textured window mounts make the Trinity a visual masterpiece. Never to be found on the High Street, this is a product to differentiate you from your competitors. Fine Art, Classic Portraiture and the favourite pets are commonly used images.


Our Illusion is a visual delight. Offering a contemporary and dynamic look, your image is suspended within the crystal-clear acrylic leaving the viewer questioning the technique behind it. The three carefully chosen textures that make up the product led the eye to the bit that matters - your picure! The satin coated contemporary frames finish off this stunning product to perfection. Great for art galleries, minimalistic walls, or trendy establishments.

Illusion Mosaic

Another visual experience, this time with a series of photographic prints, sealed, mounted and suspended within the crystal-clear acrylic. A matching back board is mounted to the rear to give the appearance of the block going through the acrylic. The photo blocks are then framed using our Confetti Black or White satin coated finishes. Simply not available on the High Street, this is one for the quirkiest of creators.

Fine Art Float Frame

A beautifully finished and up-market way of presenting Fine Art printing.

Having printed your image onto a high quality textured fine art paper, we set about creating a deckled edge. (A deckle edge is a ‘feathery’, unfinished paper edging). Many fine art works and hand-made fine art prints deckle the paper edge. Mounting this print onto a raised block within a deep-set frame makes the print appear floating. A choice of four, elegant and tasteful mouldings to choose from finishes the product to perfection.

Perfect for Art Galleries, classic portraiture, and historic images.


Prints on metal-based products has become popular though not always affordable to many. Our Dibond Panels are certainly a cost-effective way of achieving a similar look. Your image is printed photographically and bonded to a 3.5mm thick, Dibond board (black polyethylene sandwiched between two sheets of white coated aluminium). You then have a choice of print seals to protect the photo from fingerprints and light scratches. The product comes supplied with a wall mount which holds the print 10mm from the wall.

Shadow Box

Whilst it is essentially a deep-set frame, this large piece is definitely a statement frame fit for images of grandeur. A photographic print is mounted in double textured alabaster white mounts and bonded onto a backboard in a chunky inlay frame giving your image depth. The use of spacers inside the frame finishes it to a visually high standard. The Shadow box frame comes in either a chunky matt black or white, lightly grained wood with crystal clear acrylic glazing to protect your image. We believe there are many Mayors office walls adorned with our Shadow Box.


Our 8 x 8” lightweight, foam tiles are a cost-effective way of creating stunning collages for your walls. No drilling required, just peel, and stick them up the stairs, on the landing or wherever you desire. As your friends and family grow, so will your collage.

Quartz Acrylic

Sophisticated, Elegant and Contemporary... Our Quartz is a high-quality statement piece of wall art. Smooth cleans lines, flame polished edges and a vibrant paper surface makes for a sensational finish. Many commercial properties such as Hairdressers, hotels, pubs, and clubs have this product placed in dominant locations.

Quartz Acrylic Lite

Our Quartz Lite offers all that the Quartz does only due to its depth being half that of the Quartz, it’s much, much lighter enabling its final location to become far more versatile.

Quantum Acrylic

The Quantum Acrylic offers a dynamic, edgy appearance. A 10mm bevelled piece of crystal-clear acrylic is the face of your product. Your image is then sandwiched between another 3mm back plate and four brushed aluminium studs finish off this super cool product. We’ve seen more tattoos and piercings on this product than any other.

Bevelled Ice Sandwich

The industries original acrylic product, our latest version of the Bevelled Ice Sandwich feels like many light years have passed. This minimalistic product is achieved by printing your image onto high quality photographic paper. We then centrally sandwich your print creating a stunning border between two pieces of crystal-clear acrylic, the front piece being bevelled. Each product is then finished off with four brushed chrome spacers and hanging blocks. Many hotels still opt for this as their product of choice for receptions and public areas.


Metallic paper has become part of a staple diet for photographers wanting an edgy, sharp, and ultra-gloss finish to their print Adding a metal frame is also becoming increasingly popular. We therefore offer two aluminium frames which create a unique finished product.

Wedding Signature Board

Signature Boards are a lovely way of presenting your Bride and Groom with a very personal memory of their special wedding day. Messages of goodwill, congratulations and joviality are all written on the wedding signature board which will bring back happy memories for years to come. Why not frame it to really finish it off?