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Hybrid Proof Cards

Single Pose hybrid proof cards offer parents the option to buy via the proof card by returning it along with their payment back to the school. Alternatively, they can access their child’s image(s) and order online through our dedicated, secure website, using a unique security code printed on the proof card.

This system also allows further images to appear online, up to 10 per printed proof card.

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Online Only Proof Cards

Online Only proof cards are ideal for Schools who do not wish to have the extra administration and responsibility of looking after monies when parents return their order. Each proof card is printed with one proof image and a unique security code allowing each parent to view only their child’s images. Orders are placed through our schools website, automatically fulfilled in-house and sent directly to the customers chosen delivery address or back to the school if you allow it. Again, this system allows up to 10 images per printed proof card.

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Traditional Proof Cards

Our traditional route for Single Pose proof cards offer multiple pack choices (up to 9 packs) with either Black or Ivory coloured card mounts to promote higher sales from one proof image. All our ‘standard’ proof cards include best-selling packs and are shown with national average selling prices to simplify the setup process. Ideal for taking an individual portrait at a large School where shoot time is limited.

Star Note

Completing the ‘Setup Now’ form under your chosen proof card will allow us to personalise that proof card to you and your business. There is no setup fee on standard proof cards.

We suggest you choose a proof card which matches your camera’s aspect ratio; this saves you having to re-crop every image.

Do you require a bespoke proof card? Call our Schools Team on 02476 440404 to discuss your options.

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