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Acrylic ‘Ice’ Photographic Wedding Album

VAT Exempt
Acrylic Ice Albums - Professional Photographic Wedding Albums with Crystal Clear Acrylic Covers.

Wedding Album Cover Colours

Choose from the following Premium Soft Touch Leatherette:

Midnight Blue

Parent Albums

Photographic Parent Album

The perfect keepsake for your nearest and dearest.

Parent albums can be ordered in the basket when purchasing your main album through our ‘One Vision Creator’ software. They are reduced size full photographic replicas of your main album with a full soft touch leatherette cover in a choice of 9 colours.

Parent albums are available in 8 sizes as per the table below.

Prices are VAT Exempt.

Parent Album Price and Size Availability
5x4" 5x5" 6x4.5" 6x5" 6x6" 7x5.5" 8x6" 8x8"

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Main Album Size 8x6" *
8x8" * *
10x8" *
10x10" * *
12x10" *
14x11" *
12x12" * *
16x12" * *

Personalised Printed Ribbons

Black Wedding Album Box with Gold Ribbon

Personalisation has become such an important aspect, that our affordable printed ribbons are a perfect finishing touch to your presentation. Personalise your presentation box by adding a ribbon and tying it in a bow.

PS Don’t worry if you can’t tie a bow, we’ll do that for you!

This option is available in the basket when placing your order through our ‘One Vision Creator’ software.

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Ribbon Font

Choose from one of the three font options to have printed on your ribbon when ordering:

Font Option 1 - Alex Brush
Font Option 2 - Gotham
Font Option 3 - Trajan Pro

Ribbon Colour

We have a selection of 10 stunning ribbon colours available:

Ribbon Colour - Black
Ribbon Colour - Gold
Ribbon Colour - Silver
Ribbon Colour - Ivory
Ribbon Colour - Cornflour
Ribbon Colour - Lilac
Ribbon Colour - Sand
Ribbon Colour - Sea Foam
Ribbon Colour - Shell Pink
Ribbon Colour - Teal

Ribbon Font Colour

You can choose to have your font foiled in either Silver or Gold:

Ribbon Colour - Gold
Ribbon Colour - Silver

Quality Assurance Plaques

Frame Quality Assurance Plaque

Selling your finished product on? Stand out from the crowd by incorporating a Quality Assurance Plaque.

Adding our Quality Assurance Plaques to your product is a great way to boost confidence for your buyers.

£72.00(12 pack)ex. VAT £60.00

Product Reviews

"Top Quality"



The Acrylic Ice is truly a high-quality product, the finish is excellent, and I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like our sample, the only issue is the high price, especially once we have added our mark up. The Photo-cover Album is the same inside as the Acrylic Ice, but the price is a lot less, making it easier to sell. However, if you are a £2000 + wedding photographer, take a look at this wonderful Album.

Michelle Kemp - - Source: Website

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