Wedding on a USB stick, is this half a job Harry?

What do you think happens when you hand over your prized Wedding Photography on a USB stick? We know some things for sure... firstly, they don’t take great pride in showing their USB Stick compared to that of a stunning Wedding Album. They don’t invite their friends and family over to view their images like they would an album which has been the ‘secret salesman’ for photographers for decades. We also know they do eventually get these images printed.

I was in a High Street retailer the other day watching hundreds of images coming off a kiosk which had a dye sublimation printer within it. The results are pretty shocking compared to what they should have looked like had they been printed professionally on professional photographic paper. These prints are then probably hand stuck into an off the shelf album. Is this the way you would want your images to be displayed?

Photographic Wedding Album

Is therefore a ‘Digital Only’ Wedding shoot half a job Harry?

Give us a call and we’ll tell you how you can easily offer a printed solution, maximise your profits and end up with happier, fulfilled clients.

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