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Coloured Edge Print Block

from £50.92
Coloured Edge Print Block products have a modern and sophisticated look to them. A perfect, minimalistic way to display your photo on the wall.

Available Edge Styles

Choose between a standard flat edge or with a 45 degree bevel.

Standard Gold Straight Edge

Standard Edge

Black Beveled Edge

Beveled Edge

Hanging Options

You can choose between these three hanging options for your Print Blocks:

22mm Split Batten Print Block Hanging Kit

22mm Split Batten

12mm Split Batten Print Block Hanging Kit

12mm Split Batten

Flush Fixing Print Block Hanging Kit

Flush Fixing

Edge Colour Choices

Choose between the following three print block edge colours:

Black Edge Print Blocks


Black Edge Print White


Black Edge Print Mahogany


Bespoke Sizes

Do you have a bespoke size requirement? This product can be built to a maximum size of 40 x 30" (101 x 76cm) and in any dimension.

Quality Assurance Plaques

Frame Quality Assurance Plaque

Selling your finished product on? Stand out from the crowd by incorporating a Quality Assurance Plaque.

Adding our Quality Assurance Plaques to your product is a great way to boost confidence for your buyers.

£72.00(12 pack)ex. VAT £60.00

Eco Presentation Box

Eco Presentation Box

Presentation is everything!

Using the latest state-of-the-art mount cutter, we worked hard to design the ultimate presentation box.

To us, the ultimate box is one that:

  • Fits each framed print and wall display product perfectly.
  • Protects your wall display product from damage during transportation.
  • You can confidently hand over and reveal your work to your client without destroying the packaging.
  • Is 100% recyclable!

Eco Presentation Boxes are available for all wall display products with a glazing size between 16x12" and 40x30"

Presentation Box Styles

There are two styles of box which are determined by the size of the item you order.


Small Eco Presentation Box

The Satchel Eco Presentation Box comes with a recycleable carry handle.


Large Eco Presentation Box

Eco Presentation Box Cost

16x12" to 20x20"

£7.20ex. VAT £6.00

24x20" to 30x24"

£10.80ex. VAT £9.00

36x24" to 40x30"

£16.80ex. VAT £14.00

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