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Desktop Box Frame

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Professional Desktop Box Framed Photo Prints

Available Frame Finishes

Choose between five ‘earth’ colour mouldings:

Box Frame Moulding Choices

Ash Black, Whitewashed, Mahogany, Pine, Bare Ash

Quality Assurance Plaques

Frame Quality Assurance Plaque

Selling your finished product on? Stand out from the crowd by incorporating a Quality Assurance Plaque.

Adding our Quality Assurance Plaques to your product is a great way to boost confidence for your buyers.

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Product Reviews

"This really is a "Must" product for impact and margin"



As the title says these are a "must" for any serious business, the ROI and "bang for buck" makes these display pieces an excellent choice for any studio, simple, elegant and timeless.

Damian McGillicuddy - Source: Website

"Superb Value Product And Customer Services"



The box frame has always been popular in the past with my clients as a great quality wall display that's affordable. I recently had cause to order a box frame to go in our dining room, which has a dual purpose of being used for private tuition by my wife. The wall display had to be large to sit over a whiteboard so measured 1m along its longest side. I wanted a custom size and format to fit snugly over the whiteboard. A quick call to customer services revealed all I had to do was to upload the image via ftp along with instructions. Customer services were excellent in handling the whole process and contacted me when they had queries that led to me uploading a replacement image. Yesterday the box frame arrived and I was blown away with the quality - not just the framing but the print itself. Being a black and white image I was concerned it might appear muddy in the dark tones but it retains full detail. Even under very close scrutiny from a few inches away it's full of detail with no banding, blurriness or halos from sharpening (sharpened using NIK software).

Pat Bloomfield - Source: Website

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