Metallic Prints

Metallic Prints
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Fuji Metallic Photographic
From 10x8" to 60x40"
1-4 working days depending on finishing options chosen

Metalised prints give a distinctive look to most portrait, wedding and commercial images.

The paper is processed in the same way as for conventional images, through RA-4 chemistry, thus maintaining the longevity of your images.

High saturated colour shots, black & white and sepia images are particularly effective.

With its glossy finish and metallic appearance, it represents another dimension for creating images with exceptional interest and depth. Metalised paper adds stunning visual impact and a contemporary flair to your photography. This exclusive paper delivers enhanced colours for rich, bright colour saturation and intense blacks.

Choose either straight forward prints or select a range of finishing options such as print seals, mdf, card or foam mount boards as well as a selection of layouts. You can also select our FREE colour correction service by skilled lab technicians in the checkout.