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As one of the UK's top photo printers and photo frame makers, we understand that key to any photo framing service is ensuring you use top quality raw materials from the world's best suppliers, utilise precision manufacturing equipment and employ master craftsmen with years of experience to bring it all together. Our print and print framing turnaround times are industry leading and our returns from manufacture defect are at less than 1%.

You can order over 100 photo frame mouldings and millimeter perfect computer-cut photo window mounts online from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet or PC – including multi-aperture window mounts – with powerful, to-scale visual previews where even the wall colour can be changed to suit.

This is the standard One Vision has been photo printing and photo framing to – and won awards for – for over 40 years, whether for a single 7x5" framed photo print or 1500, 60x40" French Marias Ebony triple-mounted photo frames; no print order is too small or too large.

NEW FEATURE !! - You can now customise and design your own layouts, including adding text blocks to your artwork. read more

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Framed Photo Print Wall Collage Example

Should you have an image you’d like printed and framed, we can create a bespoke mount and frame to your spec. Nothing we do here is off the shelf - 99% of everything we make here at OVI is bespoke, so in effect every frame is made to order. This means that if you have a non-standard size or want an unusual mount cut, this is the everyday for our framing team. Simply contact our Customer Service team or pop into our lab in Coventry.

Framing your Image

We have been servicing some of the most demanding business communities out there, including professional photographers, professional sporting clubs and organisations, and the hospitality industry – and believe us when we say that quality and price are paramount factors. So, far from us being an expensive option, by coming direct to the manufacturer you guarantee the best quality at the lowest price. Not only this, but we sponsor the likes of the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards, The Comedy Wildlife Awards, the SWPP’s 20x16” Print Competition, The Guild of Photographers Monthly Competition, to name a few, as they recognize OVI’s market-leading position in the framing industry.

Buy Framed Photo Prints online with confidence

Currently we have over 100 picture frame moulding options online, with access to many thousands more from our suppliers. We only use the very best quality - whether a simple black polycore moulding to the most ornate wooden option from the world’s largest frame moulding supplier. If you can’t find what you’d like on our website, contact us.

Selection of Quality Photo Frame Mouldings

We know choice is important, and we certainly have that here at OVI. For example, in our landscape format frames, not only do we have sizes ranging from 7x5” to 48x36”, there are 262 picture layout options to choose from. Add the options for portrait, square and panoramic formats, and it’s safe to say we've covered every option.

Multi Aperture Layouts for Framed Photo Prints

Adding a plain, textured or coloured border to your image can really lift and enhance the shot, but careful colour choice is essential. Our online design software allows you to not only pick and apply a window mount from one of the 28 colours available, but to add single, double and even triple mounts to your image, and then review it on screen. You can even change the wall colour to see how it will look when installed in the home.

Framed Photo with Card Windows Mounts

Should you not want or need a window mount, by clicking on the 'No Mounts' option in our online wizard you also have the choice to have a black or white ‘background’ to your print to form a photographic border, in addition to which you can overlay thin or reversed borders and keylines. Simply click on one of 15 options in the 'Mounts & Keylines' section in the online wizard.

Framed Print with No Mounts or Keylines

Do you remember at your grandparent’s house that large picture frame with many small images nestled inside? Well this is a multi-aperture window mount. Using OVI’s online designer, you have the ability to offer multiple images within a single frame at the touch of a button using one of our many template designs, from frames 10x8” and above. Simply choose your frame, one of the hundreds of multi-aperture templates and upload your images into them.

Multi-aperture Framed Photo Prints

Here at One Vision Imaging we have been framing 3D objects and sporting memorabilia for decades. Renowned industry wide for the quality and innovation of our framed concepts we frequently frame shirts, boots and gloves for most of the UK’s Premiership football clubs. We’ve also framed crickets bats, stumps, footballs, cricket balls, tennis balls and even snooker balls. Perhaps our most audacious project was to frame for Team GB at the 2012 London Olympic Games. During the Games we framed everything from Olympic torches to sections of the running track, boxing gloves to Tom Daley’s swimming trunks!

Our framing capabilities don’t stop at sporting memorabilia either. Our unique in-house manufacturing techniques means we can frame almost anything. Some of our more interesting projects have been framing guitars, baby grows and booties, medals, brake pads and even Angele Merkel’s high heels!

Whatever your framing requirements, if anyone can frame them, One Vision Imaging can.

Give is a call on 02476 440404 to discuss your project today.

The humble picture frame we all have hanging on the walls of our homes and offices started with very grand beginnings, essentially evolving from early Christian art that was adapted from the decorative edges to vases, book covers and tomb paintings. Originally used as symbols of piety, power and wealth, the secular frames started to appear around the 14th century, and arguably were still the preserve of the wealthy.

However, the concept and purpose of a picture frame has not really changed in all those many hundreds of years – to protect and enhance the image within as the subject is highly important, a memory to be treasured, celebrated and shared.

History of Picture Frames

Via our website, click on Framed Photographic Prints. Clicking on Frame Mouldings and you will see the range of frames available. You can choose by colour or finish, see our most popular frames or just browse. To order, select the frame you’d like and then click on Next. This will take you through the simple and logical design steps, image upload and ordering process, starting with the frame size you require, from landscape and portrait shapes to squares and panoramics too. Follow the steps until you are happy with your frame, window mount and glazing options.

Why do some of the wood finish frames appear differently?

Due to the nature of natural wood, some frames may vary slightly in colour and finish.

How are frames glazed?

Frames are glazed in a choice of ways depending on other options chosen whilst ordering. You can choose from high quality acrylic, anti-glare acrylic, print seal, or ClearView glass.

How are framed prints shipped?

Shipping is via courier unless you choose to collect from our Coventry Showroom.

How long will it take to get my framed print?

All framed prints are built to order so please allow up to 7 working days in production. If you have agreed a special order with true glass, please allow up to 10 days.

The size I want is not listed...

Simply give us a call with the size you want on: 02476 440404

Do you have a specific frame type in mind that you can't find?

We have access to thousands of frames. Showing all of these is just not practical. As a professional lab, your frame of choice is just a phone call away: 02476 440404.

I require large volume manufacturing; can you fulfil?

Yes, we can easily accommodate bulk ordering, please give our sales team a call on: 02476 440404 and ask to speak with Adam, Derek or Chris.

What can you frame?

We can frame almost anything, from football shirts, sporting memorabilia and sporting equipment – recently we even framed one of Ed Sheeran’s guitars for a hotel chain! Just contact us with what you would like framed.

Where are your products made?

Framed prints are built by hand in our laboratory in Coventry, UK.

Are your frames supplied with a hanging kit?

Yes, all framed prints come ready to hang or, for smaller sizes, with desk stands.

Quality Assurance Plaques

Our Quality Assurance Plaques are the perfect way of making sure your products really do stand out from the crowd. If you like, by incorporating our Quality Assurance Plaques, you’ll be tapping into the realms of human psychology.

By adding our Quality Assurance Plaques to your Albums, Frames and Wall Display products we know that your customers are going to feel just that little bit more reassured and that counts for a lot when they’re spending large sums of money. Not only that but when competing against so many others, anything giving you an edge over your competitors can only be a good thing.


£60 per pack of twelve (+£12 VAT)

Album Quality Assurance Plaque

Product Review

"Totally Awesome "



I placed an order for a 40 x 30 inch framed wall picture of a photo I had taken on my iPhone. Unpacking my order I was totally blown away . The colours are beautiful and stunning, it looks truly awesome. The black confetti frame is exactly what I had been looking for, simple, modern and contemporary. I’m over the moon and have just placed another order. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate in recommending One Vision to anyone. Well done everyone, it’s better than I could ever imagine.

Jill York - Source: Website

"Amazing - my 3rd order now and I will be ordering more!"



Absolutely love my photos I’ve had printed and framed by one vision. The frames look great, the photos are brilliant quality and the service is perfect! I have placed 3 orders so far and will definitely be ordering more for my home! Wouldn’t buy from anywhere else now I have found one vision

Hannah Lloyd - Source: Website

"Five Star service from order to delivery."



One Vision Imaging service is second to none. 1- Online ordering/spec choices -easy and fast. 2- Whoever is taking care of image prep deserves a raise - sure knows how to maximize any image. 3- Print quality - is glorious. 4- Framing is superb. 5- Delivery - is super fast and packaging is great. Thanks team, further business is assured :)

Drew J Ford (Photog., Angelford Associates) - Source: Website

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