Introducing our NEW Eco Presentation Box.

Framed Print Eco Presentation Box

Introducing our NEW Eco Presentation Box.
Available from 16 x 12” up to 44 x 30” products.

Since purchasing the latest, state of the art mount cutter, we’ve been working extremely hard to come up with the ultimate presentation box.
To us the ultimate box is one that fits each frame and wall display product perfectly.  
It’s one that protects the product from damage during the transportation process.
It’s one that you can confidently hand over and reveal the product to your client without destroying the packaging.
It’s one that looks great and adds an air of confidence to the overall product.
It also needs to be affordable for every frame and wall display product.

Finally, it’s got to be 100% recyclable so that it doesn’t cost the earth.

After six months of card testing, thousands of intricate calculations, the proving of eco credentials and weeks of drop tests, we’ve finally done it!


on frames and wall display products from 16 x 12” up to 44 x 30”.

Select Eco Presentation Box on the Options/Confirm Screen on the website.

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Published By Dean Millerchip
17 April 2023

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