We Have Desktop Framing All Boxed Up!

Desktop Box Framed Prints

Our new Desktop Box Frame is a development of the hugely popular Wall Display product, the Box Frame. We designed them to be a modern and affordable way to personalise small spaces – such as a shelf, chest of drawers, windowsill, mantelpiece or desk. Prices start at just £19.

Using our award-winning photo printing team, a Fuji DP II gallery grade print is made of your chosen image, bonded onto a 3mm MDF board and then an anti-scratch film is applied to the front of the print for protection. This ‘picture block’ is then sealed into a 50mm deep hand-made wooden frame to create a striking 3D effect. You have a choice of five wood colours to choose from: Black, Mahogany, Pine, Bare Ash and White.

Desktop Box Framed Photos

Desktop Box Frames make a wonderful gift, as they can be easily personalised and look stunning in small spaces.

Desktop Box Framed Photo Prints

For more information, or to order your own please click here.

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Desktop Box Frame
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