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Mosaic Box Frame

from £95

Available Finishes

Choose between five ‘earth’ colour mouldings:

Box Frame Moulding Choices

Ash Black, Whitewashed, Mahogany, Pine, Bare Ash

Layout Selection

Layout Option 1

Option 1:10x10"(1) 7x7"(4)

Layout Option 2

Option 2:10x10"(4) 7x7"(4)

Layout Option 3

Option 3:16x12"(1) 8x6"(4)

Layout Option 4

Option 4:15x10"(1) 11x5"(1) 9x6"(1) 8x6"(1) 8x4"(1) 6x6"(1) 6x4"(1)

Quality Assurance Plaques

Selling your finished product on? Stand out from the crowd by incorporating a Quality Assurance Plaque.

Adding our Quality Assurance Plaques to your product is a great way to boost confidence for your buyers.


£60 per pack of twelve (+£12 VAT)

Frame Quality Assurance Plaque

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