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Renowned wedding photographer Austen Blakemore started his business on a tiny 13″ laptop, using his spare room as an office 6 years ago. Now he’s raised his prices and turned down work because he’s fully booked. This is his success story… 

“In 2010 a lady called Rachel called me up from One Vision Imaging asking if I had a supplier for my wedding albums. At the time, I was very new to the industry and didn’t have much confidence in my work or my pricing, if I’m honest. Nevertheless, she drove from Coventry to see me in my little box of an office I had set up in my spare room with my tiny 13” laptop, and that’s when my business started to grow.

Rachel kept in touch and spent a lot of time advising me on prices, teaching me how to drive my business forwards and helping my profit margins grow. All of this and I hadn’t spent a penny with them yet! Within a short time, my business changed dramatically. Remembering the advice One Vision had given me, I put my prices up – amazingly people were still booking and my business was growing nicely.

At this point, even though I wasn’t spending much money, OVI’s customer service was second to none and even now it’s still just as good – I always say you can’t perfect perfection! Seven years on, I have my own studio and I’m already fully booked for the year.

Wedding albums are a crucial part of every wedding package that I sell – there is no other product that shows off my photography so perfectly and is such a precious keepsake for my clients. Now I can save even more time and money, as OVI are offering free album design for the whole year! It’s almost no extra time for me to put an album order through, as One Vision Imaging get this spot on every time. I can spend more time shooting, or just sit back and watch the money roll in!”

– Austen Blakemore

For more information about OVI’s Wedding Albums and Free Design Service, click here.

To view more of Austen’s work, visit his website here.

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