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Product Spotlight: Halo Dibond Print

Although traditional photo frames are a must-have in any home, Circular wall art is a unique approach. It adds creativity to the space and can suit all kinds of imagery.

You could create a photo collage with varied sizes, or stick to a stand-alone, one off piece to really make the unique product stand out. Our Framed Dibond Halo is perfect for just that.

Although you can use many types of images with this product, it is important to consider the positioning, crop and subject to ensure that it is suitable.

Some perfect examples of images that work beautifully are portraits, close-ups and family shots with a studio background.

Take a look at our Halo range and don't hesitate to reach out for any queries to

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Halo Dibond Print
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Dibond Halo Print
Published By Molly Hole
19 June 2023

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