Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year Winners 2017

PLFPOTY Winning Image

Congratulations to Bangladesh-based Shoeb Faruquee, who was declared overall winner of Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2017 and was presented with a cheque for £5000 by Andy Macdonald, who heads up Pink Lady® in the UK (headline sponsor of the awards).

Shoeb had won the Food for Celebration category, which is sponsored by Champagne Taittinger, earlier in the evening and then went on to scoop the overall crown for his stunning image ‘Food for God’.

 “The competition was fiercer than ever,” says Macdonald, “there were over 8,400 images entered internationally, from over 60 countries, and the standard was phenomenal. Shoeb’s shot stood out from the rest in its category, however, for the way in which he made the subject matter – cooking for the breaking of a religious fast – both incredibly striking and atmospheric.”

As sponsors of the event, One Vision Imaging were proud to print and frame all of the finalists images ready for the final round of judging and the public exhibition at The Mall Galleries.

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Emma Boyn

‘BBC Good Food Fresh Talent Award’ Winner – Emma Boyns

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Matthew Thomas

‘Bring Home the Harvest’ Winner – Matthew Thomas

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Wesley Dombrecht

‘Cream of the Crop’ Winner – Wesley Dombrecht

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Mick Rock

‘Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year – People’ Winner – Mick Rock

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Patrick Desgraupes

‘Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year – Places’ Winner – Patrick Desgraupes

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Robert Holmes

‘Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year – Produce’ Winner – Robert Holmes

PLFPOTY Winner 2017  Hein van Tonder

‘Food Bloggers’ Winner – Hein van Tonder

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Leonardo Salomão

‘Food for the Family’ Winner – Leonardo Salomão

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Sally Ann Stone

‘Food in the Field’ Winner – Sally Ann Stone

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Laura Cook

‘Food Sn-apping’ Winner – Laura Cook

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Jean Cazals

‘InterContinental London Park Lane Food at the Table’ Winner – Jean Cazals

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Kyriacos Arkatites

‘Marks & Spencer Food Adventures (Mediterranean)’ Winner – Kyriacos Arkatites

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Darren Eastwood-Hickson

‘Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture’ Winner – Darren Eastwood-Hickson

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Azalea Dalton

‘Partridges Food for Sale’ Winner – Azalea Dalton

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Richard Perry

‘Pink Lady® Apple a Day’ Winner – Richard Perry

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Tom Parker

‘Politics of Food’ Winner – Tom Parker

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Jonathan Gregson

‘Production Paradise Food off the Press’ Winner – Jonathan Gregson

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Robin Stewart

‘Startisans Food in the Street’ Winner – Robin Stewart

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrani

‘The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action’ Winner – Francesca Brambilla and Serena Serrani

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Emma Brown

‘World Food Programme Food for Life’ Winner – Emma Brown

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Carla Smend

‘Young – 10 and under’ Winner – Carla Smend

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Lily-Mae Franklin

‘Young – 11 – 14’ Winner – Lily-Mae Franklin

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Felicia Frank

‘Young – 15 – 17’ Winner – Felicia Frank

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 Beynaz Mistry

‘The People’s Choice – Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year’ Winner – Beynaz Mistry

PLFPOTY Winner 2017 David Silverman

‘The People’s Choice – Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year’ Winner – David Silverman


Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is the world’s leading celebration of the art of food photography and film. In its sixth year, almost 40,000 entries have been submitted since its inception.

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