Its an A* for Pics4Schools!

A* for Pics4Schools!

If you’re looking for a Schools processing laboratory to increase your sales, reduce your admin to give you more time behind the camera doing what you love and one that delivers the fastest service in the industry, then you need to be looking at  Pics4Schools.

Once again during the Autumn we achieved record sales, significantly reduced errors due to our revolutionary pre-flight checking software and delivered 99.7% on time and within our industry leading 7 day turnaround.  

  • FREE Schools Sales Consultation
  • FREE Personalised Set Up
  • No yearly subscription fees
  • Pre-Printed Sales Envelope
  • Online/Offline & Hybrid Solutions
  • Vast Range of Packs to Choose From (with proven sales statistics)
  • Photo Gifts & Novelty Items
  • Industry Leading Turnaround Times
  • Cost Effective & Highly Profitable all-round solution

Well you may ask yourself how do we improve on such a fantastic season here at Pics4Schools? Well we ask you the photographer for feedback on the Pics4Schools system so we can ensure you all have an even more successful season.Great Results for Pics4Schools

And we did just that, with this feedback the majority was great as expected so thank you for all your responses. The one piece of feedback that made us spring into action was that parents were sometimes getting confused with the current download link. We instantly handed this over to our IT department who have listened to all the suggestions and created a more streamlined download system.

Please see below:

Simply Schools Screenshot 1

Also in addition to the above changed email title and download link we will now send a download reminder 1 hour after the original purchase to ensure that all parents receive their precious images with no delay and more importantly without having to contact you the photographer. Thus, saving you time.

Simply Schools Screenshot2

And the best part is you don’t need to do anything different. It is already live and in action.

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