Pics4schools Plus is the only solution developed by a dedicated Schools Processing Laboratory, thus ensuring the whole quality control process is maintained under one roof. It’s also one of the most cost-effective solutions for Schools and Nursery photographers in the industry.

This Schools and Nursery shooting solution has been the ‘missing link’ to our already popular Pics4Schools offering. The service now provides an all-encompassing solution for every photographer big or small. 

Add to this a radically reduced print pricing structure and the lowest postage and packing service for the consumer, this advanced solution is set to create waves in this sector.

The final benefit is having every aspect of the service under one roof means that the entire process is quality controlled within.

So, what is it?

Schools photography has for a generation relied on Proof Cards being created with the Child’s Portrait on. This in turn gets taken home by the Child for the parents to order from. Initially, it was to return the envelope with the parents chosen Packs and some form of payment within. Then came the ‘Hybrid’ offering whereby the parent could order either by using the traditional envelope system or go online to view and purchase their Prints Gifts or Wall Display products. Finally, they offered a 100% online solution, but to date this still involved some kind of proof card which had to be created and given to the parents.

Pics4Schools Plus is the next generation. The photographer generates a QR code via the website which is integrated to all Schools management systems at the touch of a button. They then commence the shoot linking the QR Code to each child. Finally, they upload their files, and the parents can view and purchase online as quickly as the photographer enables it.

Almost zero handling with maximum sales opportunity and more spare time to take on more Schools and Nurseries.

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