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We’re always being asked if you can have images of our products for use on your own website or marketing collateral. This of course makes perfect sense as you can’t be expected to carry sample products of everything we do, unless your studio is enormous or your vehicle is a bus. Well, now you can! 

Download our ready-to-use product PSD files to easily drop your images into our award-winning product range and quickly create product preview images to help clients visualise your product offerings. 

Product Skinning

Now, there’s nothing stopping you offering our entire range online!

Lightbulb moment

Multi Panel Wall Art

Whilst so many have either been working from home or Furloughed, the home has become an ever important place of refuge. During this time we have seen a significant increase in demand for Wall Display products and whatever the future we believe this will continue to be the case.
Our Multi Panel Wall Art product offers a modern, one-stop solution to elegantly decorate any large wall space in your home or office. Upload your images, have a play, and just imagine the results as a feature piece on your walls.

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Offer ends Sunday 15th November at midnight.

Halo Range

The launch of our new Halo range has already been a great success as many of you have purchased studio samples, recognising circular based products can be very appealing to clients.  

Halo Samples

Kick Start Helping Hand

Our KlickStart campaign containing a sustained three month offer to get photographers back on their feet and shooting again was used many hundreds of photographers delivering well over one thousand products.

There’s little doubt that the ever popular and great value Box Frames and Traditional Framing remain the public's favourites.We do hope that you are managing new sales opportunities despite the ever challenging circumstances. If you have any suggestions that might help photographers further we’d love to hear from you. Whilst of course we can’t promise every request, our aim and duty is to serve professional photographers and to ensure our industry not only survives but thrives.

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