Have you ever seen a CD or USB stick on someone’s wall?

Have you ever seen a CD or USB stick on someone’s wall representing their loved ones? Probably not and that’s because the end product of photography is a photograph.

Pretty much every room in every house in every country has a photograph on the wall. Family, friends, pets, favourite places to name a few. Almost every room in every office in every company also has printed images on their walls.

There is of course no better print quality from a digital file than that of a true photographic print. It’s better than Inkjet, better than dye sublimation and better than litho, so isn’t it time to ditch the ‘Digital Only’ offering?

Is your reputation at stake if you don’t?

Give us a call and we’ll tell you how you can easily offer a printed solution, maximise your profits and end up with happier, fulfilled clients! 


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Published By Molly Hole


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