Coronavirus - Covid-19 Pandemic & One Vision Imaging

One Vision Imaging Managing Director

Dear Customers,

First and foremost I do hope this e-shot finds you well?
With such unprecedented times I’m sure like everyone, you too are glued to your media devices wondering what on earth might happen to us all next. Here at One Vision, we’re no different. We are of course keeping a close eye on the Governments notifications and abiding by all the advice given regarding the pandemic.
Our primary concern is of course the welfare of our staff and customers. Beyond this, we are 100% committed to delivering a full plethora of services to our loyal customers. Knowing so many of you personally as we do, and knowing the industry we’re all in, we really do understand the huge challenges you face in the coming weeks and months. For as long as we are permitted to, we are committed to offering you ALL services albeit with reduced staffing levels and doing our bit to ensure ‘social distancing’ within the workforce is possible. If YOU can work we WILL be there for YOU.
Over the last two weeks we have spoken to hundreds of photographers, the vast majority of which are self-employed and naturally extremely vulnerable from a commercial point of view. You are not alone. We encourage you to join Forums, Social Media platforms and use whatever method you can to stay in touch with your fellow professionals. We also encourage you to extend that communication to us. By the very nature of who we are, we are utterly dependent on your success and we not only want you to succeed but we need you to. So for whatever reason, even if like so many, it’s to vent your frustration and fears, or to discuss what the future holds, or even to brainstorm some current ideas please do get in touch.
There is going to be a future, we don’t know when or what it might look like, but there will be one and we at One Vision Imaging are going to do everything in our power to help you see the light as we hope we will too.
Take great care of yourselves and here’s wishing you the very best of luck.   


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